If Demon's Cried

The Party Is Formed
Prelude - Part 1, Session 1

And so it begins… with dancing zombies?

A night like any other in the Sea Shanty Inn. The newly hired Mylo the Halfling bard was on stage entertaining the patrons during their evening meal with a comedic story of a traveling minstrel. The inn was filled with the local townsfolk and fishermen relaxing after a long hot summer day. Ale was being freely distributed and consumed a bit too well by Jacoby. His glassy eyes sorrowful in recollections of a troubled past.

The peace, if you can call it that, of the Sea Shanty Inn‘s mood was shattered briefly as the main doors swing open and in steps a devoutly dressed green Dragonborn. Mylo stops mid-story to stare at the newcomer, drawing the attention of the rest of the patrons. Hushed whispers and stares follow as Acolyte Cagua gathers his courage and enters the inn to head straight to the safety of the bar. Still fresh and na├»ve to the world Cagua, affectionately called “Snot” by his fellow clergy, ask the large muscle armored man at the end of the bar, “What do normal people order to drink?” Tyco glances up from several stacks of books regarding the local town’s history, eyes the Dragonborn, and begins ordering refreshments for the two of them.

heated tempers are extinguished due to a watery chain reaction from Jacoby stomach projection

Having regained her composure Mylo finished her tale to the cheer and applause of the townsfolk. In celebration of her good mood and successful performance she buys everyone at the bar a round of drinks. However it was one too many for the sailor Jacoby as during his appreciation salute to Mylo , topples backwards from his stool and lands on top of a nearby farmer. Spilling his drink all over the farmer in the process. Angers flare and heated words are exchanged. Jacoby eager for a bar fight taunts the farmer and promptly gets punched in the face. The sailor’s poor stomach decided then and there it was time to return the 9 mugs of ale all over the inn’s floor. After heated tempers are extinguished due to a watery chain reaction from Jacoby stomach projection, Tyco, Cagua, and Mylo escort the sailor to his room.

Just as the newly acquainted group settles the sailor into his bed to sleep off the effects of the drink, shrill screams and shouts can be heard from the common room. Eager to prove their worth the team rushes forward to investigate. Zombies and skeletons have broken down the main common room’s doors!

Swords swing, spells are unleashed, and undead put to rest. As the adventurers fight to protect the townsfolk. The farmer, who punched Jacoby, and his companion in their drunken state wanted to help defend the rest. However the animated skeletons had other plans for them and quickly dispatched them. The backdoors of the Sea Shanty Inn slam open as Naley, a tiefling dressed in the leathers of a ranger, rushes in unleashing a barrage of arrows and a dire warning that there are more undead outside!

a backlash of arcane force which expels all of his body hair in every direction

Jacoby awakened from the fighting and commotion, comes out of the sleeping quarters to release deadly magic. Ghostly hands spring forth from his incantations to claw and tear at the undead. Unfortunately the sailor’s control over his magic is wild and unstable as one of the ghost hands explodes and sends fragments of arcane magic flying through the air. Even though he has a tenuous hold of magic, Jacoby attempts one more spell. The Weave, the source of all magic, however slips from his control and causes a backlash of arcane force which expels all of his body hair in every direction. Tyco with a face and mouthful of the sailor’s blonde hair charges forward and slays the final walking dead.

Together the newly formed group bravely walks out the beaten down doors of the Sea Shanty Inn and into the village square. They are greeted with the most unusual sight of the walking dead in a choreographed dance as they circle the central market. Confused and bewildered by the sight Mylo the Halfling bard, Cagua the Dragonborn cleric, Tyco the Human fighter, Jacoby the Human sorcerer, and Naley the tiefling ranger gather their courage and stroll forward to defend the town…


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